Help finding this Paddy?

  1. I am new to TPF, but I would absolutely love to get a regular sized Chloe Paddington. They just seem so cool and classic! :shame:

    I found this picture on Bag, Borrow, or Steal and I fell in love. The problem is that I don't know where to find this bag. Heck, I'm not even sure what the color is called.

    I know that has some small Paddingtons that sort of look like this, but I'd really like a larger size. Could anyone give me any advice about where to find my dream bag?

    I sincerely appreciate your attention!
  2. bag borrow or steal sells bags...check in their clearence centre!
  3. If you're not after a particular, colour, regular paddingtons should be everywhere. The one you've posted looks like a blue jeans moyen, or maybe a mousse (given the silver hardware).

    Have a look in the reference threads, then you can see close up photos of colours and colour variations.
  4. You can also check Ann Fabulous Finds and Sabine's boutique.
    I just remembered that another tPFer said bags from BagBorrow's outlet are not in good condition and it is difficult to return them...
  5. There's a mousse on eBay at the moment, but please have it authenticated in the Authenticate This Chloe forum if you want to consider it!