Help Finding This Bag in Australia

  1. Hi. I'm looking for Prada bowling bag from the Chevron/Quilting line. Style no. is BL0404. The problem is I'm in Australia. So, would anyone in Australia please help me locate this bag? It would be much appreciated. Thanks ^-^
    956 bluefly.jpg
  2. Hi there. This may sound like a silly (and rather obvious) suggestion, but have you tried calling all the Australian Pradas? I saw another bag in this Quilting line in the Sydney store yesterday.
    When I was on the hunt for the teddy key rings, I found one in the Cairns store despite the ringing around may really help!
  3. sorry haven't seen it in melb, but our store is very small!
  4. I'm in melb too and I did contact Prada store and asked them to locate the bag for me, but no luck though :sad: So, can anyone help me locate it or any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks