Help finding these '05 Louboutins

  1. My friend is getting married in November, and of course the two shoes she loves were made in '05 and we can't seem to find them anywhere, even eBay!

    So for those serious Louboutin ladies, have you seen these shoes anywhere?
    these but in ivory

    Looking for a 38 or 38.5. Thanks ladies! Think we will have any luck or anyone have other suggestions on how to find these shoes?
  2. Maybe high end vintage stores?
  3. The easiest way to get either of these shoes would be to call a CL boutique to see if they still carry them. If they don't, you can custom order them from the CL boutiques. It takes a few months to get your order and you may have to pay a little extra over retail to get them. For bridal shoes, they also let you pick between the traditional red sole or you can also opt to get a sky blue sole.

    If you don't want to place a custom order, it might be difficult to find either of these styles. As posted, you can try vintage stores,, or

    BTW, I really love the second pair -- gorgeous!:heart:
  4. stinam-have u ever custom ordered anaything fromt the cl boutique. I have a friend who custom orders from the paris location and she just had the most gorgeous fully crystaled shoes made
  5. wow, thanks for the info ladies! Went to the CL boutique in LA last Friday and had the WORST customer service ever. Sales gal took 5 mins to even say hello and we were the only ones in the store. Then proceeded to say "make sure you don't have greasy hands" to my friend when she was trying on some white satin shoes. the nerve! And when we asked about special ordering she said you couldn't do that until september and even then "should not hold your breath". i will have my friend email the NYC boutiques and hopefully she will have more luck....and better customer service.
  6. micheal and elizabeth at the horatio location in NY are super sweet
  7. i suggest calling over emailing
  8. CL boutique in LA is like that! I had a bad experience phone-ordering with them too (the sales lady could not get the tracking # for me even after 2 weeks of endless calling...just told me to wait and be patient....and then almost a month later turned out the shoes were lost en route by UPS, and only then did she admit it....w/o even an apology or a "sorry"!). Can't stand CL LA! I'm a VIP with the CL boutiques in NY and shop with them almost exclusively. I know they do custom-ordering for VIP's but am not sure if it's available for everyone. I'll ask this weekend when I get a chance to drop by.
  9. ^great job, those are beautiful!
  10. I really hope you find the ones you want...but ..if you cant ive had my eyes on a couple louboutins for my wedding(whenever it happens lol)
    Some you can find on eBay cheaper.

    Hope i helped a little.