Help Finding the New Reissue...

  1. [​IMG]

    I took this picture from Celebs with Chanel thread.

    I love this purse.
    What is this size? also Do you think the color is brown?
    If it is, can someone help me locate this purse? I would prefer a size smaller than Courtney's.

    Thanks a lot fellow TpFers.
  2. I like that bag too, and it does look kind of brown in the picture........and I like the darkened chain too. I hope someone weighs in on where to get it, I haven't seen it yet either.
  3. NM at Beverly Hills has one. I saw it last week...I don't care for that look myself, but I did see it there - but it didn't do much for me.
  4. The Chanel boutique atThe Mall at Millenia in Orlando had the medium size reissue in black. I doesn't look like a true black IRL, sort of grey/black if that makes sense. The leather is really pliable and I think it will hold up to daily use.The one in the picture looks like a jumbo. Millenias number is 407-352-5100.
  5. This is not a reissue. It's a classic flap with the mademoiselle lock. It looks better in white IMO. This is a new bag and I saw it last week in Boston so it should be easy to find. It looked very durable! It's more of a casual look.
  6. Yes, I concur - this is not a reissue. It's the flap with new chain and mademoiselle closure.
  7. And Mon is the true expert. I'm just a Chanel junior in training. =)
  8. It's a classic flap with MM lock and new chain (minus the leather)

    I have seen 3 different sizes and 3 different colours i.e. black, more grey than black IRL, White, and Brown.

    If I am not wrong the one C. Cox is carrying is the jumbo in Black Grey.

    The bag has the same interior as the Reissue.
  9. Yes, it is not a reissue.. I saw the e/w of this one in white last night in a Chanel Boutique here in Hong kong. Not that beautiful for my opinion..
  10. NM is carrying the jumbo in lambskin w/ madem lock in black, brown and burgandy
  11. does this classic flap with new madem lock comes in smaller size? seems like the one courtney wears is the jumbo size. may i know the difference between this bag and reissue? i can not tell the difference, that pic looks reissue to me... :confused1: