Help finding the elusive stylish yet waterproof winter coat

  1. I'm looking for a 3/4 length casual coat that is really warm as well as waterproof
    for those freezing cold yet rainy/snowy days..... I have several trenches that aren't
    nearly warm enough, down jackets that aren't really waterproof but nice & warm, a ski jacket that is short, and wool coats that aren't waterproof. The only 'storm' coats I've seen are not flattering at all.....kind of straight or frumpy looking...

    Any ideas? Does an attractive coat like this exist? Could someone design one please?
    All recommendations welcome! I've been looking everywhere........
  2. hello from a fellow Pats fan!
    i always have the same problem...what to do?
    i have had my eye on a 3/4 length down coat from lands end--it's the chevron quilted??-- im not sure if it's waterproof tho.
    i find that when it's snowing and raining i just have to give up looking fashionable and look sporty instead! gotta love new england weather....!
  3. I would love it if someone would make a pretty goretex down coat or something that repels water. I love my TNF down coat - warm but still flattering & not puffy but if it's really raining/snowing it's NG. I saw that lands end coat in person last week & it is cute:smile:
  4. i'm looking at this NORTH FACE arctic parka jacket! its really warm and its pretty! I have the same problem as you I used to wear two jackets. But eversince i lost my jacket at a club on halloween i need to find another one!
  5. I actually purchased & returned the arctic parka last winter. It didn't look good on me - the hood isn't detachable & all weird looking on - I was very disappointed with it & the fit especially since I love my metropolis parka so much - def try on 1st!
  6. I have the same winters as you (here in Chicago), and I just found a great coat at Loehmann's. It's Calvin Klein, slate gray, quilted down. The key is that it's PRINCESS CUT so it's more fitted at the waist and looks more slimming and nice than any down coat I've tried on. I bought a Burberry-look scarf in gray/black/red/light blue to perk it up near my face. I'm going to get some black shearling gloves and a light blue cashmere bucket hat from Nordstroms to go with it. Remember, I'm talking Chicago in the winter - I want serious warmth:lol:!
  7. There are these CRAZY wool coats, where it's totally waterproof and stain proof. Once you pour water onto it, the water just BEADS right off! I'm not sure if this is what happens to ALL wool, but I saw it at a store once, and the saleslady just poured water onto it (from a water bottle), told me to hold the jacket into a bucket shape, and voila! Waterproof! You could move it around and slide it and the water just moves like it's on plastic. It was really cool. After she wiped it off, I felt the wool, and it was DRY. I was amazed.

    They're pretty cheap too, the store I saw had both mens and woman's peacoats (very cute I might add) for under $200. I went to Mantique, but the waterproof wool coats I saw were made by "Rhodium" (mens) and "Sakura" (very stylish women's clothing).

    I would have bought one if the sleeves were long enough for me (or if my arms were shorter!! ahaha)

    Hopefully it's for all 100% wool stuff, cuz that would be the best of both worlds!!
    Warm AND waterproof!

    Hope this helps!
  8. If you don't mind puffers then MONCLER is perfect; they make the most functional, fashion foward jackets possible.