Help! Finding pic of Limited Edition Chanel Metallic Multi Lambskin bag!

  1. I walked into the Saks 5th Ave Chanel counter and they had this gorgeous bag a bit smaller than the 2.55 sized one. It was the softest lambskin metallic silver, charcoal, ivory and this grayish blueish color a blend of them all throughout the bag. It has chain handles with a mettalic charcoal color going thru it. It also comes in gold with bronze etc but the silver is sooo much nicer. I saw a lady holding it undecided if she wanted it. As I waited patiently for her to put it down she decided to buy. The sales person told me it was the only 2 the store received and it's limited edition. Anyone know of the bag I am speaking of? I have been looking online for a pic to show my DH and no luck. The price is steep but I have never been this excited :yes:about a Chanel bag before. The SA said they would check other stores but they only showed 1 available in Aruba! The Chanel site hasn't been updated yet. :crybaby:No idea where else to look.:shame:
  2. It sounds beautiful. I can't wait to see the picture.
  3. is this the paris monte carlo bag? does it look puffy like a pillow with different color leathers quilted on the flap bag?

  4. Yes!!!!! Any idea where I can find pics??? TIA