help finding out what the bag is called


Dec 2, 2007
it's really new and i saw it at carson pirie scott. it wasnt leather, and wasnt behind the glass. it was a really small bag but bigger than a pouch or wristlet. there were 2 handles, one bigger and the other was detactable, it was like a little duffle but with a zipper. there was no sig on it, it just said coach at he top middle in gold. there werent any pictures of it on and it was shiny. lol that's all i can think of to describe it. :/ i saw one dark pink too.

EDIT: sorry, i found out it was a tiny satin sabrina satchel. :x

did anybody else see it or have it?
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Aug 23, 2007
The library
It was actually called the Amanda satchel and it came in black, grass green, teal, pink, and (I think) purple. Some people are finding them at the outlets now. Also, the PurseBlog covered it twice; if you click on the Coach entries there, you should see them. You should also be able to find posts on the forum searching the term Amanda.