Help Finding Olive Bag For FALL

  1. Over the last 2 weeks , im been gathering my fall handbags, and I need a affordable olive shoulder bag. If you have any ideas , i would really appreciate them. My budget is around 150 to 175... i was looking at perlina, hype, maxx... just need some ideas.
  2. They have great olive Gusttos; unfortunately, they're a little pricier than your range. Maybe on eBay?
  3. What about one of these: $ 129.00


    Or this hype bag:
  4. I think I like the Perlina. Croc is very big this year.
  5. i like hype bags
  6. How about something like this.
    JUN 007.jpg JUN 012.jpg JUN 016.jpg weekend_gladstone_bag 013.jpg
  7. Nice!!! What bag is this???
  8. my olive moni moni splender :tup:
  9. There are a few Hayden-Harnett's on eBay which are around your budget range. Beautiful olives and super-soft leather!
    And if you actually go to their website ( there are lots of bags on clearance right now.
  10. Hi, its one I made, do you like it?