Help Finding New, Versatile, Budget-Friendly Bag

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I'm not very active on this forum but stop by once in a while to drool over all the beautiful bags. I'm desperately needing a new bag that can take me from the office through the weekend (I don't switch handbags very often).

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at Hype and Tano - my budget is $200. I'm thinking black, something not too large, and slightly structured. What sites do you recommend for buying Tano bags - and any particular style? I like the Sex Bomb.
  2. Passerby, thanks for the suggestions! I really like that Liz Claiborne bag, but I want something more fun than a tote shape. Between it and the other one you posted, I think I like the Maxx New York one better. I'll take a look at MustHaveBags and see what strikes me. I have owned only a few Coach and Kate Spade bags, and have one Mulberry bag - so I'm just learning about all the styles and designers. Unfortunately, my budget is limited!
  3. is good for Tano. I believe I had to order mine from there last fall when the store ran out. I love my Tano, it's possibly the best bag I've bought.
  4. MsG...according to our very own Tano expert, the sex bomb will be generally discontinued in the Autumn, so if you like the Black sex bomb, I would grab it while you can. :yes:
  5. I love this bag! I have been searching for a black one for a while. Except now there are already two blacks bags already on their way to me. Wish I had seen this earlier :smile:
  6. So funny! I was just going to send you to for Tano (just ordered my First, and I LOVE IT!!!). I also really like Via Spiga. Hype has a tendency to be a little "edgier" I think - whereas Via Spiga and Tano you could pull off for work and play.
  7. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the information. I just did it - I ordered my first Tano bag. I chose the black Sex Bomb in black. I got it from, since I saw a thread that posted a 10% discount (I'm hoping this is a legitimate site). I acted fast, as I hope to get it Friday with 2-day shipping. I figured, if it's being discontinued, why not. I was debating between Sex Bomb, Truffle or Sprung. I also like the Boogie Bucket. Maybe I can get them all eventually! How do you girls afford your handbag habit??

    I'm petite, so I'm a little nervous about the size of the Sex Bomb.
  8. I agree that Hype is trendier - some of their styles are definitely too edgy for me. Any other brands you like for the same price range as Tano? I'll keep Via Spiga in mind for future purchases. If money were no object, I would love to have a Balenciaga bag.
  9. Good choice MsG...
    A few people here have sex bombs. Maybe they can post some modelling pics so you can see how it looks on a 'real person'.
    I have the dark brown Boogie bucket and I love it! :yes: Im also going to snap up a sex bomb soon but I cant decide which colour to go for.

    Remember to post pics when yours arrives! :yes:

    I'd reccommend the mercer satchel, it's very versatile, but have a look at the whole website, plus there is a 30% coupon code floating around... ya get free shipping too.. but only for the next few days..

  11. Oh yeah, HH has a good sale going on. I finally will get my first HH bag - I've been eyeing on the ANA frame bag - hope it's not too big for my 5'4" medium frame.