Help finding new everyday bag

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  1. I am looking for ideas for a new everyday bag to replace my large Le pliable. I want it to be simple, with minimal bling and no logos, like the Le pliage. No big name brands (coach, dooney, lv, etc.) as I prefer the more off the wall and less well known brands. My budget is about $400 or less.

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  2. I had technology issues, but wanted to add I am looking for something similar in shape to the Le pliage with maybe a tiny bit more structure. it can be leather or nylon, but needs to be gray or orangey brown (maybe navy). I have tried Clare Vivier Messenger (love the look but too small and not enough structure), Rebecca Minkoff Cupid (top much structure and too much bling), and have looked at a few others. Something like the Clare Vivier but slightly more structured would be perfect. I also like the idea of the MZ Wallave Bianca but I'm not sold on it either quite yet. I also considered the Longchamp Le Cuir but it is a bit expensive and I'm trying to get away from Longchamp.

    Overall I guess I'm looking for a slouchy tote, with straps long enough to wear on my shoulder, and preferably with an additional long messenger strap. Why is this so hard to find?!

    I would love some ideas for something that fits the bill!
  3. How about the Dylan Medium Tote by Linea Pelle?
  4. I would say, take a look at If you like their styles, ebay has tons at great discounts.
  5. Maybe look at Kate spade? May be a little more than $400 but great everyday bags
  6. Check out Michael Kors Jet Set top zip tote. It doesn't have the detachable strap but comes in monogram, normal and saffiano leathers.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions!! Michael Kors and Kate Spade do have some cute bags but are too mainstream of labels for me. I don't like how they say the designer name so prominently on the bags.

    I will check out the others as well. I am not looking for distressed, just slightly slouchy. I really just want something very plain and classic like the Le pliage, but not the Le pliage. Any other brands or ideas welcomed!
  8. Funny you should mention this! I actually had this bag a few years ago but it is too distressed for me and a little "clunky". I am looking for something a little sleeker this time around.
  9. Check out Roots. They have several different kinds of leather and lots of styles. Most in the $200-$300 range. Made in Canada but has a US site.
  10. What about Longchamp Planetes then?
  11. Thanks!
  12. I don't want Longchamp anymore, or I'd just get another Le pliage. The brand has become too mainstream- I don't like seeing other people with the same stuff on every street corner.
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