1. Ok so I have been stalking eBay trying to find these boots for over a month now. I know they are last season(I think) but I want them. Its hard to find boots that I like plus boots that work with my calves. These have an adjustable buckle thing that would be perfect.
    I need all the help I could get. I dont care what color they are just as long as its not a clown color.
    Size 8 or 8.5---not sure how they run.

    Here is what they look like...(Pics are not mine...they are from eBay)
  2. I've seen them......DSW or Loehmann's.....
  3. There is a Michael Kors outlet in Allen, Texas. I was there on Friday. You might call them and see if they have them since they are last season. Good Luck.
  4. Yes they are definetely last seasons boots, I would keep looking on eBay
  5. I never thought to look at DSW...I never have any luck there.
    Loehmanns ive been dissapointed with lately...never find anything I like.
    Ill keep my searching going!
  6. I agree with checking the MK outlets. There are two in the Jersey in Flemington and the other up at Woodbury. A call there wouldn't hurt. Not sure where you are, but I like the DSW in Paramus best.
  7. Im going to call Woodbury, but who knows what kind of SA ill get. Every time I go up there the SA's are beyond horrible.
    I live in Northern NJ...about 20 min from Paramus, but my BF lives in Paramus, so ill check DSW. I do agree that it is the best one around & largest.

    Does anyone know how they run?
  8. I think pretty TTS unless you have wide feet! Then maybe a 1/2 size
  9. i know this thread this old.... but i am trying to locate these boots for a friend. Does anyone know where I can find these now???? I'm looking for any color either a size 8.5 or 9?