Help finding Madison Mini Skinny in Berry 41971

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  1. Has anyone seen a Madison Mini Skinny 41971 in Berry at any of the outlets? I can't seem to find one anywhere. Any help is appreciated! TIA
  2. I didn't see one at Leesburg but I bought the berry wristlet and small wallet so I assume that the skinny is there too!
  3. Thanks so much for the update. Maybe they are just not out yet. I've seen wristlets & wallets but, not really any mini skinnys.
  4. I did the same legacychristy, but have still been on the lookout for the berry mini skinny as well.. So far, I have not seen any berry mini skinnys at Leesburg on any of my visits up there (3-4 times a week here lately). I believe another posters reported seeing an espresso or black one last week (but only one).
  5. I have found every color BUT Berry. I know a couple of people looking for one too. The only one I have seen was on the Bay ....
  6. There was one berry mini skinny for $19 at Las Americas.. it looked beat up.

    There were also black, brown, and gold madison mini skinnies too!