Help finding ivory caviar jumbo

  1. Its nice to find you ladies. I need some advice. I would like to get a flap bag before the increase. I have just started with my first Chanel a couple months ago with my medium Ultimate Soft in black.

    I would love a reissue but they are impossible to find so I will wait for Spring.

    Does anyone know where I can get an ivory jumbo with the bijoux chain?

    If I cannot find it, I will get either the black or white Jumbo Flap with S/H. Which one is a better choice for someone just starting their collection?
  2. I don't know about Ivory Jumbo with new chain.

    Between black or white jumbo, I will begin with the black..since I found the the black is more versatile.
  3. maybe NM still have ivory jumbo with new chain. i will try lisa H at troy Michigan, she maybe can track you down one . otherwise, the jumbo classic flap with SH will always available at any chanel stores. the current price is 2250. but Saks already increased their price to 2650. so try chanel stores or NM instead. for starter , i will pick jumbo black over white.
  4. thanks for your advice and help. I heard that only NM had the ivory/new chain. I was thinking of the white or ivory since I have the black Ultimate Soft and I live in Florida in warm weather year-round. But this is a completely different style that I would prefer for going out to lunch or dinner so black may be more appropriate for everyday.

    Ideally I would love them all but I have to decide on one for now,,,Yikes.