Help finding GF an anniversary gift

  1. Hello, my GF and I are celebrating our one year soon and I would like to get her a purse. I have no idea about purses at all but she wears her sisters Marc Jacobs purse and I think this is her style preference:


    Can you guys point me to something she mite like? And if you guys have any other suggestions on another nice gift other than one of these expensive purses would be great. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. Do you want it to be a surprise? Maybe you could take her shopping and you guys can pick one out together?
  3. if you don't mind me asking, what is your budget? The bag you get her will depend on your budget. Sales have pretty much ended and the new fall bags are out so you'll be paying retail for the good stuff.

    I def recommend an MJ stam. It's a very hip bag :yes: :yahoo:

    If you are going to buy something on Ebay make sure you check in here first

    Good luck:flowers:
  4. I personally like the bag you picked out!
  5. Is hard to 'pick' a bag for a person. There are so many great bags out there. My husband occasionally likes to buy me a bag and then we go bag shopping together. The greatest gift is that he takes the time and effort to come with me to chose something special. He usually arranges to do it on a 'quiet' day and calls the SA's beforehand and makes sure that they make me feel extra special. I would suggest a day of wandering around LV, Chanel, Hermes, MJ, Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci, etc (depending on your budget). To let her know what the spending limit is, I would suggest printing out your own gift certificate, wrapping it, and handing it to her in the morning of her birthday. You're a great BF:heart: :heart:
  6. If she is a fan of Marc Jacobs, you should get her a Gryson bag. Joy Gryson was the designer for Marc Jacobs and designed all of his "it" bags. Look on The Purse Store
  7. Thanks for all the replys! My budget is around 800-1000 give or take. Maybe I should take her out shopping but she would most likely refuse to. Her sister is a purse maniac so she just wears her sisters stuff but i would like to get her one of her own, something new model so taht her sister wont possibly have.
  8. I would suggest you look at for some ideas (perhaps LV or Tods). If I could have a pick of bags within that price range , I would opt for a Chanel petite shopping tote. I am going to see if I can find a pic for you.....
  9. I agree with Rose. If she likes the quilted look you should get her a Chanel. However, if she likes her sister's Marc Jacobs bags, then you can get her another Marc Jacobs too.
  10. Also, if you get it from Bloomingdales or Saks vs. a single boutique, if she doesn't like it, she'll have the whole store to choose from for the exchange. If you buy it at just the Marc Jacobs boutique, then you'll only have store credit there, know what I mean? =) Good luck!
  11. Why don't you have her sisters take her shopping and see what she likes?
  12. Oh well if she wore she sisters MJ bag I think she'ld love this one.
    Its MJ, its white, its got gold hardware, and the size is wonderful!
  13. Thanks for the responses guys. :yes: I browsed bluefly and kinda "picked" out a couple of things. what do you guys think? [​IMG]