help finding flats!

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  1. I just decided that I wanted a new pair of flats, but I have no idea where to begin! All I know is that I want something vintage-y or cap-toed. Help???

    tia :smile:
  2. If you've got a big budget, I'd recommend the Chanel cap-toe flats. They're pricey but you absolutely cannot go wrong with them.

    J.Crew has some styles too

    studded toe -

    glitter toe -

    leather cap toe -

    and a couple Steve Maddens for good measure.|womens%20shoes|womens%20flats||womens%20shoes|womens%20flats|

    Happy shopping!
  3. J.crew has amazing flats, they are the only ones I would recommend.
  4. J. Crew flats- are they comfortable?
  5. I wear flats almost everyday for work and believe it or not, Target's leather flats- various brands- wear really well and are very comfy. They had some over the some w/ leather pleating and other designs, which were kind of a vintage look and really cute.
  6. the kind of flats i like is Tory Burch, Tod's, chlo'es and balenciagas! They are all pretty and comfy!
  7. Balenciaga and Lanvin here. The Tory Burch Revas are also nice.
  8. scour ebay for hollywoulds and i would go for french soles/ fsny as well
  9. oh bloch also has an excellent collection of captoe flats, uber- comfy too,
  10. I second the suggestion for Bloch' comfy! There's a nice, padded suede interior on the insides that I love. They sell them at Bloomingdales and

    Otherwise, J.Crew and Tory Burch flats are great.
  11. J.Crew are pretty comfortable I think. One pair I have is too small so not so much but I haven't broken any of mine in because I don't wear flats a lot but they are pretty comfortable. One pair is the softest leather and they are amazing.
  12. ooh, Chanel flats :tender: :love:
  13. Chanel or AGLs are my favs.