Help finding Coach Website of past years

  1. Hello All,
    I remember when the Coach forum just started someone posted a link that took you to a page in Coach that showed all older catalogs, older styles, etc.
    I did a search and have tried to find it and can't...:confused1:

    Does anyone have it???

    Thank you!
  2. Stophle,
    THAT'S IT!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!!
  3. OMG I could look at this site all night, all the old bags I loved are coming back to me!!
  4. You're welcome. :smile:

    I agree, it's super addicting! And super depressing. *L* I want a lot that I just can't get anymore.
  5. ^^^ I agree. It's like a bad wreck. You want to turn away (because you know there's no reason to look at it), but you can't. But I'm glad I looked because there are alot of bags that I'm seeing from last year that I see on eBay now and I thought they were fake because of the outrageous colors. I may just check out some of these bags now. :biggrin:

    What an education!!

    I meant to go to bed an hour ago. This might be a really late night!
  7. Man it cuts out at the critical making-signature time!! That's the best part. Or does it? Man in 2000 they still had plain carp.

    Some nice business and nice but plain Soho in 1997 though.
  8. Man, there were some really crazy colors in 2005 & 2006. I never would have thought Coach would have made those colors.
  9. I'm on 2005 - I'm on my first season knowing and loving COACH. I found my first bag, and bags I got on eBay later... etc. I'm on SUCH a high.

    I'm crying!!!