Help Finding Cerf Tote at Saks or NM

  1. I'm now addicted to Chanel, I've to admit. Upon waiting for the Bubble Quilt tote, I'm looking for another bag.:p This time I'd like to get the Cerf, since it's classic and elegant bag.

    The thing is there is no Chanel boutique or store or large department stores like Saks or NM in my state, so I 've to order it by phone through the 800-.

    Anyway, since last time (when I ordered the BQ from NM) I found it's super convenience (no sale tax, no shipping charge); so, could someone tell me are there any Cerf tote on the Saks (or NM, Bloomies, Nordstorm) catalog that I can order from again? :sweatdrop:

    The catalog number and item number will be very much appreciated. :smile:

    TIA :flowers:
  2. what color are you looking for?
  3. the black or beige one..:yes: