Help finding BLACK Patent Flap

  1. Anyone know where I can find a BLACK patent flap, prefer the medium, but would settle for the jumbo, want to get it before the price increase. Please HELP a desperate Chanel Addict.:yahoo:
  2. I saw one just on Sunday at the Chanel Boutique in Beverly Hills. I believe it was the Jumbo size though.
  3. I saw a Black Patent Jumbo classic flap at Nordstrom Topanga (CA) last Friday.

  4. Try NM Troy Michigan. Ask for Lisa or Annie. They had one in ledium and jumbo last week. Happy hunting!!
  5. I mean medium :lol:
  6. Thanks all so much for all of your help. I will give them a call tomorrow. I knew tPF'ers would know.
  7. I saw both sizes at the Chanel Boutique in South Coast Plaza on Sun.
    So call them asap!!!
  8. hi hamulcahy, did you already find a black patent? im looking for a jumbo one too... the bag is TDF!!!:yes:
  9. SCP had the patent jumbo w/silver hw tonight.
  10. is it in Neiman Marcus?
  11. NM Northbrook, IL had one about 1-2 weeks ago in Medium......
  12. Bergdorf in NY has black patent jumbo w/silver in stock as of today. HTH Ask for Joseph.
  13. Thanks to everyone for their help. I got my jumbo black patent flap. For anyone else looking, the Chanel Boutique in San Francisco had it as of yesterday, so please call them if you are looking.
  14. No, the chanel boutique. :smile: