Help finding an unavailable bag

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  1. Does anyone know where I could find this lovely bag? I decided to wait on it, and now that I decided I must have it Saks says it's unavailable :crybaby:. Any ideas, anyone?

    Burberry - Leather Small Shoulder Bag -

    TIA :smile:
  2. Cute bag...Maybe try to call a local Burberry boutique or outlet, or if Burberry has a number, call that and see if they can track one down for you like LV does.
  3. yea, best bet try the local Burberry store near you - you could try the outlet too, but brown and black purses seldom make it to the Burberry outlets - they ususally sell out before then....good luck!!

    Otherwise, NM, Bloomingales, etc...Bergdorf Goodman, etc...other retailers might carry it still as well....good luck!
  4. Thank your for the suggestions! I called the Burberry store at South Park and they don't have it, apparently, but I'm going to continue my search. I'm feeling pretty determined about it. ;)

  5. At least you have the model information to help you in your search!! Good luck!!!