help finding a warm and mildly stylish down jacket?

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  1. i am cold all of the time. i have a knee length j.crew thinsulate lined coat but it isn't doing the trick for me. i'd love to find a hip length or longer down jacket that is:
    a. warm
    b. comes in small and/or petite sizes
    c. has a hood
    d. is somewhat shaped.

    i just purchased one from llbean in an XS and it's just too boxy and big. i'd buy one of the girls' jackets but they are sold out of the style i'd buy.

    <$200 is a bonus :tup:

  2. I'm petite 5'2 110lb. and bought a Soia & Kyo down coat. It's not available anymore but the brand carries very stylish, shapely yet warm down (and wool) coats. Revolve carries them but seems like they sold out on alot of their winter coats during the sales.

    Hope that's a start. Oh, and their coats come in XXS if needed but I felt they ran small so I stuck with a S so I could wear sweaters underneath.
  3. Land's End has great quality down coats at reasonable prices. I believe the stadium coat is a knee-length down style. Unfortunately, some of their stuff tends towards matronly rather than stylish.
  4. I bought one from Nine West that has all your qualifications. It is knee length, thin so it's not too bulky, fitted shape, warm, with a hood. Maybe they will still have something like that. I got mine at Nordstrom last year.
  5. thanks for these ideas so far. p3bbz, we're almost the same size (you're a bit taller than i am).

    ill definitely look into these brands. i'm freezing!
  6. The North Face has a nice jacket that is under $200 that I got and it's called like an Ancongua or something like that. I got a black one, and it's down.
  7. Neimans and Saks have great sales on now - you'll get one there