Help finding a travel concealer brush!

  1. Hi all! My first post in the beauty bar!

    I need help finding a travel concealer brush to use with my Bare Minerals foundation when I'm on the run. I love the Bare Minerals concealer brush, but it's not easy to throw into a makeup bag because it's not retractable and doesn't have a cap so powder gets everywhere.

    Any suggestions on concealer brushes that have caps and/or are retractable (and might work well with a loose powder concealer) so it can easily be thrown into a makeup bag?

  2. You can always use a covered or retractable lip brush for on-the-go concealer application. I use a MAC one--since it has a small head, it is better for more precise application of the concealer, even though it is not marketed as a 'face' brush.
  3. I love the Laura Mercier Secret Camo brush. They have a full size and travel (pull apart) size. The shape is perfect for covering anything.

  4. do you save the plastic pouches that the brushes come in? whenever i travel i just throw the brush back into the plastic pouch.
  5. yea that is actually what i do now, but it just seems like the inside of the plastic pouches get really dirty really quickly.