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    I have been in love with the Tom Ford medium black zipper flap bag ever since I saw Jen Anistan toting around two of these babies. I don't plan on dropping that much on one bag but I would love help in finding a zipper flap in black leather that has somewhat of the same look and is similar in size. Any ideas?
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    Sorry, double post.
  3. This same question had already been posted. Here's the link with a bunch of suggestions for look alikes:
  4. I'm confused. The link contains several suggestions for look a-likes to the Tom Ford bag that you are asking about.
  5. Don't do it. I admire the bag very much too and like you, I won't plunk the money down for it. Try if you can to find another bag. Buying an inspired bag of that same bag won't do it for you. Trust me. I've seen bags in Nordstroms that try to copy that look but it's unsuccessful and they're a miss. Your best bet is to forget about the bag and move on. One might come that you will love equally as much!
  6. Here's one that might be similar enough:

    It's called the Stash bag by Lucky Brand and I have one in metallic bronze and I LOVE it! It's a great bag all on it's own, but I did notice that it looked a little similar to the TF bag after I got it.

    The leather on these is positively scrumptious, btw. It's become one of my favorite bags and the price is phenomenal.