Help Finding a School Bag for my Son

  1. He's 6 1/2 and is in "Prep" (the year after kindergarten but before 1st grade) and needs to bring several folders and books to school along with 2 notebooks, crayons, pencils, etc. He is terrible at keeping his things organized and is always misplacing worksheets and losing crayons.
    He needs something with wheels, as it's quite a long walk from where he gets dropped off to his classroom. Currently he has a rolling Jansport bag, but it doesn't have enough compartments to keep things in place.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions? I'm trying to find a bag with some kind of organizer pocket in front for his pencils, eraser and sharpener, and maybe a divider inside so he can keep his books and notebooks separate from his folders. He spends way too much time trying to find things!

    He has a plastic "business case" at home which has compartements for everything and amazingly he is able to keep track of his things whenever he uses it, but it's definitely not appropraite for school. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!
  2. You can never go wrong with Lands End or LL Bean backpacks. Both of them have larger and smaller wheeled bags. Of course, I can't see any interior pictures, but both companies have outer small pockets for small items. The Lands End one says it has two interior compartments. I think the LLBean ones have just one big one.

    They are expensive, but they will last for years instead of buying a new one every year (or several a year).
  3. We use the ones from Lands End. They have different sizes based on the child's age, height, etc. Some have wheels, some are messenger style, others are traditional. Our boys love them. They hold up beautifully. HTH
  4. We don't use wheeled bags, but my boys use Land's End backpacks and they are some of the best quality I've found. They can really take the abuse! My 2nd grade son uses a regular sized backpack, and my kindergarten son uses the smaller one.

    But each child has an agenda from school with an enclosed folder on the back where they put worksheets, notes from the teacher or homework. Maybe you could find something like that to put IN the bag instead? Or does he have the option of keeping things like crayons in a pencil box at school with his name on it? It doesn't make sense to be toting craft items and/or crayons back and forth daily.
  5. ^^ He has a long clear envelope with folders in them for each subject and worksheets in each folder. He has a pencil case for his pencils, and a box of crayons. He also has several books and 2 notebooks, plus a change of clothing. It's quite a lot to carry on his back so it really needs to be a bag that rolls. His main problem is that he throws everything in his bag so that he has trouble finding anything at the end of the day, or figuring out if he left anything in school. I realized that having compartments helps him a lot. He goes to a private school in Manila and it's quite rigorous though he does enjoy it.

    CJJ and BerryBlondeBoys, I'll look at the Lands' End and LL Bean bags. I've heard great things about them but have not tried them out before. Thanks a lot!