Help finding a real Gucci 1500 watch to replace lost one

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  1. Hi all -
    I just lost a Gucci watch that I loved, that was a gift from a now-deceased grandmother.

    It's a 1500L series (bangle with horsebit clasp, and simple, long rectangular white face), model number YA015527 or YA015528 (there are two sizes). I'm trying to replace it, ideally with a new one, or a used one in good condition, and would be ok with a silver face instead of the white. Here are pics of the exact style with a black face.

    Gucci doesn't seem to sell it anymore. I can find it on ebay and many websites, but there are a ton of fakes in the same price range as a discounted new one (a couple hundred).

    Sorry for the long post. Any help on trusted sites to buy a real one or any other suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

    many thanks -
  2. if you post in the jewelry section they might be able to help you better! sorry for your lost and i hope you find a replacement!!
  3. Oops, thanks! I will try there ....
  4. ^Beat me to it. :biggrin: I was going to say Jomashop as well.
  5. You can even check Macy.. since they also carry Gucci watch, they might have old styles left or even some watch stores that carry gucci.. they might have some
  6. hope you find a replacement soon
  7. I just want to say I have one Gucci YA015528 with white face, original with certificate.
  8. Thanks everyone for the messages - I managed to track down another watch which is now safely tucked away in case the first one bites the dust. All the suggestions are much appreciated!