Help Finding A Purse!! =]

  1. I'm in a complete purse rut right now and need some help immediately! I've been trying to find a new purse for a long time now but can't see to find anything i like.:sad:

    *I'm only 15, so alot of purses i like look too um adult for me still.
    *I want a big purse too, well not too big but i don't like the teeny tiny ones.


    Thanks alot! :drool:
  2. anyone???

  3. What type of bag do you want?

    Shoulder bag?


    Cross body?

    Any particular color?
  4. what's your budget and what do you need to carry in the purse (textbooks, just the essentials, etc.)?
  5. oh sorry i didn't even think of that!!

    shoulder bag.
    and any color!
  6. also are you looking for a leather bag or fabric bag?
  7. my budget.. hmm it really depends, nothing too expensive though.

    and no textbooks intside, but i have alot to carry still not even sure what... my purse is just always full of random stuff.
  8. man i really need to check the replies before i reply back.

    leather or fabric, i'd like either!
  9. well an approximate budget would really help since my idea of too expensive is $3000+, whereas yours might be less than that. There's nice handbags at every price range and I want to help you find the right one!
  10. illini3 i love that first one in eggplant!!!

    oh and yeah you have a much higher budget than me!! $700 would probably be my limit!
  11. rebecca minkoff morning after bag! since you said not TOO big, it is also available in the mini! i am obsesssssed with this bag!
  12. $630 (Sal Fer)

  13. $384 (Bulga)