Help finding a PRADA handbag for my mama

  1. My Mom has been wanting a Prada bag (and Hermes but that's out of my budget right now lol). I would like to keep it $600 or less and I'm looking for suggestions. I would like to get her something in black or brown and preferably something in the shape of a tote or like the daino hobo. She likes the prada logo too.

    Is there someplace I should check for authentic pre-owned bags? Anyone have any style suggestions?

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I don't know about authentic pre-owned bags. eBay is too iffy. The Daino is a classic shape. Does she prefer handbags or shoulder bags? I'm definitely not a Prada expert, but I'll look around and if I have some suggestions, I'll be back. You are such a sweet daughter!!
  3. Have you checked Saks, BG and NM's sales pages on their websites? There were several nice Pradas (leather) listed earlier this week.
  4. ^^^One of those stores had the Daino hobo in brown on sale for $767, a bit over your price range, but a good deal. Bergdorf Goodman's sale has some leather Pradas between $600-700. In nylon, there's more to choose from.