Help finding a pink bag!

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  1. Hello everyone, I need help finding a darker pink colored bag. I am not particular on the style. I am just not familiar with older Coach bags and wouldn't know where to look and if it was fake or not. So I figured I'd turn to the experts and ask for some help. Can anyone else me find a dark colored pink style bag or tell me where to look? I would SO appreciate it!!

    Thank you so much!!!!
  2. For older style bags your best bet is to check eBay. I'll try finding some for you.
  3. What size are you thinking about? Also, do you prefer signature or leather bags? Do you prefer a satchel type bag or a shoulder bag?
  4. I really like the satchel or hobo bag styles. Medium in size, doesn't matter if it's leather or canvas..but if I can find a leather one that would be awesome. And I prefer silver hardware over brass!

    I thank you all so much for your help!!! I've always wanted a pink coach and thought I would have to wait to get it from the I am new to the whole eBay buying stuff. :smile:
  5. Trying this again after my webpage timed out.

    I guess it all ready posted, oops!
  6. what part of the country or do you live in the us ?
  7. Yes, I live on the East Coast part of the U.S...:smile:
  8. Someone is selling one on craigslist near Boston if you do a search for pink coach. IT is the hot pink signature