Help finding a new purse! $1,000 budget!

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  1. My birthday is around the corner and my husband said that I could choose a purse for my gift. He doesn't exactly understand the purse pricing business (ummmm, does anyone:blink: ??!!) so I have $1,000 to spend and not ONE PENNY more! I'd like something in black or brown. Ideas?
  2. Crap. The first bag I looked at is $95 over my budget!!!:evil:
  3. MAYDAY, MAYDAY... i'm way over here!! I need help! But it's so nice...
  4. Love that BV!
  5. I like this MJ, it is $995:

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  6. I love both of those!!!! The Prada is A+ and I never say that about Prada ($95 is not too far under budget :smile:). Let see, under $1000 here are some options:
    1. Mulberry Bayswater, I really love this bag, I think is so versatile and chic
    2. Medium Gucci Horsebit hobo in leather or a large fabric one both come in black
    3. LV Batignolle, Speedy 25, or 30, Cabas Piano or mezzo
    4. Miu Miu has some gorgeous bags as well see the "More Miu Miu" thread.
    Good husband!! Let us know.

    Oh I like Loganz choice as well!
  7. oohh, I really like this Miu Miu at $945, but in a different color. It was designed by Miuccia Prada.

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  8. My vote is the speedy 25! That's on my birthday list :smile:
  9. tod's!!!!!
    this costs 995, so you can have a couple of donuts and a starbucks frappuccino too:amuse::nuts::idea:
  10. This is beautiful! :love: :love: :love: Love the color.
  11. all tod's bag are making me drool.
    i don't want to go to their shop, i'm so afraid, i'm sure that if i go there i'll faint.
  12. get a balenciaga! this first is $995 and everyone here is in love with theirs. they come in a veritable rainbow of colors, so you can get exactly what you want!
  13. Louis Vuitton bags are pretty reasonable priced...and there are alot under $1000! They're classic, beautiful, and timeless...definitely consider any LV bag. Good luck..and happy early birthday! :smile:
  14. MJs Or LVs epi
  15. AAAHHHHHH, this is so hard!! I do like that Tod's and I don't have a Tod's yet...