Help finding a look alike on Etsy?


Mar 1, 2007
I am in a wedding in April wearing a long brown strapless gown. The accent color is blue and we can pick our own accessories. I've been searching online and found some inspiration at Polyvore.

So, the necklace is from but is way too expensive for me and out of stock anyway. So I've been searching for options and came across etsy (I have never purchased from there)... There are so many sellers I don't know where to begin! It seems like some will customize a necklace for you.

I found this:
but it is still almost $300 - I wanted to spend less than $100

Then there is this - but it is the wrong design and the stones are too green - but perhaps I could contact the jeweler

And then there are these two less expensive options

Has anyone worked with these sellers? Does anyone have any advice for me?


Sep 4, 2006
New Burn, North Carolina
Etsy is amazing. I buy from there all the time. Seriously, you shouldn't spend more than $50 on etsy for the necklace that you want. Just keep looking for whatever design you want, and don't feel shy about asking sellers to make adjustments. If the price is a tad bit out of your range, convo the seller and be like "I love xyz necklace, but it's a bit out of my budget. Do you have another necklace that similiar that would be under $xyz?" Most of the time, they'll give you % off of the original necklace.