Help finding a J Crew coat

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  1. By the way I'm also interested in other brands as long as the style is pretty much identical with the J Crew one. I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for anywhere :crybaby:
  2. Hi Rain12,

    I'm a J. Crewaholic. They seem to put a lot of coats on sale in December if you can wait that long. The new, hot designs can sell out quickly in some sizes/colors, but the Plaza Coat is one of their basics, and they seem to always have a ton of them. They also just had a 20% off deal, which they do once in awhile when they have a lot of new stuff coming in, but that ended on Wednesday. ;-( Their coats are nicely made with the possible exception of occasional quality control issues with buttons and button attachment to the garment...easy to fix.

    Last year in January during the sale frenzy you could get a Plaza Coat for $90.00ish if I remember correctly. You have to be vigilant and check the site every morning for the 20% off clearance deals. Good Luck!
  3. I've found a few brand new Plaza coats on eBay in the past. But Cecilia is right - this coat will definitely go on sale in a couple months :tup:
  4. sooooo if it's on or one of the main distribution centers for the east coast catalog sales is in Lynchburg Va and they happen to have a catalog store attached to the warehouse [it's where all of the catalog returns and samples go... so nothing is defective or been worn]

    perhaps try to find the # for the place, call them [they're very nice!] and see if they can do a charge send? I went to college in that area and they have awesome deals [coats for $60+] and very very good warehouse sales [I'm talking shoes for $15] :smile:
  5. ..And this is why I love being extremely close to the distribution center.
    Honestly, just like everyone else said, the best thing to do is wait until they go on sale. You'll end up getting great deal on it!
  6. Hey I love jcrew too and I got some stuff from their 20% off offer that just ended on Wednesday..hehe.

    Do you guys think it's worth it to get the J.Crew credit card to get rewards etc?
  7. i really don't like getting credit cards just to get the 15% off first purchase or whatever the 'discount' is. the apr is usually really high if you don't intend to pay it off at the end of the month. have you tried eBay?
  8. ^ hmm yeah thats why i didnt want it after I checked the I guess I will just have to be really diligent about checking the website..

    I kind of like a new dress they just had on their website..guess I will just get it since I can't wait..hahah

    thanks though!
  9. J Crew has good rewards if you have their credit card. You have to pay the card off in full every month though, otherwise it's not worth it.
  10. Hi Cecilia, I too am a J. Crewaholic. I totally agree on the coat sales in Dec/Jan. Last year I coats. In my defense, most were marked down then had the 20% discount and many were between $75 and $90. when all was said and done. How embarrassing! :shame:
  11. Unfortunately I'll be out of the country for a while, so I need to find the coat online, and they need to be willing to ship it internationally. will only ship within the US, Canada and Japan I think it is :crybaby: I also found one on eBay, but the seller hasn't even bothered to answer my question about international shipping.
  12. $90 does sound great! If I'm able to find that online I'll have to get several different colors. lol. And I won't mind waiting a few months if I'll be able to save that much.
  13. Rain-

    It's worth it to wait till January! You have to check the site right after Christmas and all throughout January-amazing deals. You have to be vigilant though, especially in the smaller sizes. If you find the perfect item at the perfect price-don't continue shopping around the site as you may lose the item. Purchase immediately...shipping be what it may. J. Crew doesn't hold items in your cart, and others can buy them out from under you-learned this the hard way.

    Gatsby-lol... I bought a Lady Day Coat last January for $140.00ish! Crazy! Also bought another coat. DF thought I was nuts..

    My real 'problem' is is the cashmere....I live in it, and have way too many. They recently added some colors/styles, and I'm already plotting my next Cashmere haul.:smile:

  14. The problem is that won't ship to me as long as I'm out of the country, and I will be that for a while.