Help Finding a Good SA

  1. Hi all,

    This is my 1st post on tPF and let me start off by saying u all are gorgeous ladies with equally gorgeous collections (in fact this thread is one of the main reasons i'm going further into debt) supporting my "habit". And u guys know more about chanel than most SA's i have encountered...Swanky, Smooth...etc.

    So here's my questions:

    How did u guys find good SA's?
    - Let me first say that I am slightly neurotic once i want a bag (i.e. calling my SA constantly to put me on a waiting list for a new bag)

    ^Does anyone else do this? Does ur SA get annoyed? Do u stick with them if they give u attitude? Have u found an eternally patient one? or am I the only pain in the a--?

    Today, I called an SA I just started working with to inquire about another bag and she said to me something like my inquiries were getting "overwhelming" and if I could just narrow it down.

    ^What do u think, should i still purchase from her or move on?

    Do u stay loyal to just one?
    - I have an SA at NM and Chanel. Also, when i'm obsessed over a bag I call around on my own to order from different SA's all over the country, heeh.

    Thanks in advance for reading this and any sage advice!
  2. i got lucky with my sa's. My husband bought me my first chanel at bloomies in ny(classic 2.55 about 4 years ago) and all he knew was that i wanted a Chanel for Xmas - I was thinking of he Cambon line but the SA there convinced him after takinga great care to explaine everything to him about how the 2.55 is the bag i would forever have and he bought it for me and i cried ... every since i was llttle that is the bag i always aspired for but could never afford and this particular xmas (we were getting married the next month) we were particularly poor yet he spent 1600 on the bag. I was so touched and I went in and I thanked the SA (Her name is Fiel) ....and after the honeymoon and bills were settled and we got some money together, I went back to her and she sold me a cambon .... then we moved to HK and I met her equivalent Melody here who got me a Cabas even though I was not on a waiting list and got me a diamond shine in red and I still call Fiel in NY when i can't fine what I am looking foir here like the reissue in bordeaux and she has my nme on the reserve for the cruise line pieces as the trunk show is in Nov and I wot be there. THese two ladies I LOVE!!!.
  3. Actually your SA (if a good and helpful one) would help to track down what you want and you don't have to call. Calling doesn't hurt though because sometimes other boutiques say No we don't have any to your SA but as a customer calling in, they usually won't say no.

    Whatever the attitude the SA gives you I think should not effect your buying decision if you like the bag and a rude SA found one who cares I'ld still get it. However, if shes rude and she can't help you find what you need - move on!

    There are indeed patient SA working in Chanel's vs. ones that are not so patient so shop around for the perfect SA.
  4. First of all, dress nicely if they don't know you. Ask for someone to call you when something specific comes in. Ask them to write your name down on the waiting list. You'll be able to see how many people are ahead of you that way as well.

    Now, here's the thing... if they don't call you... they don't care enough to have you as a customer. Some SA's are so busy they don't need you! Good riddance to them.

    Go back to the store and approach another SA and tell them that although you have been told someone will call, they never do. Ask for a really great SA who always gets in touch. That SA will offer, or she will introduce you to another SA who is more of a go-getter.

    When I think about it, the best SA's are the ones that found me!! They recognize me from having been in the store a few times and come up to me and offer to call. I LOVE those SA's! I treasure them because they want to work with me and will keep me in mind when something comes in that I may be interested in.

    If I haven't heard from another SA, from a different store, I'll go in, just to remind her of something I'm desperate for... but I DO try to not be too annoying about it. The SA's at the smaller Chanel Boutique, here in the city, are horrible that way and make me feel less important. I try not to take it personally. I assume they just hate their job.
  5. My SA Brendan at the Chanel on 57th in NYC was recommended by a boardie. He is awesome, I couldn't ask for better.

    My SA at Neimans in San Diego, well she's really the only one here. She's also great, but I wonder if I don't make her a little nuts. Still she's very patient with me and I hope to buy something from her soon. You see usually Brendan will receive the most coveted bags first, but Chanel doesn't always order the colors I want and that's where my SA at Neimans can help.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback.

    Jayne1, I must say I have been to this particular boutique a few times this season and got the same lousy service each time (ie. no service, i was dressed fairly nice, but no one even acknowledged me?!) And to top it off, I went back for the trunk show - which only about 2 other customers were at with SA's standing around - and still NO HELp! When i asked this guy for help, he barely wanted to answer my questions or put me on a list.

    Now i may not be a million $ customer, but I can afford several bags each season, and some commission is better than none. And when I drop a few thousand on a handbag u would think I could expect some cust serv?

    I would avoid this boutique all together but NM doesn't always carry the same stock and i dont want to pay shipping on each bag i order from a non-local boutique.

    I just don't understand why some SA's are so snotty? I guess cust service is not that high on their list. Dont we all deserve a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T? Errr....

    Oh well just my rant.
  7. Several handbags each season, or even each year, is a lot of money! I wonder if you should approach the manager and ask for her to recommend a helpful SA. That's what I did at another store (not Chanel) and the manager offered to call me herself. She still does, even to tell me when a sale is starting.

    There just has to be a good SA out there for you... you're actively spending a great deal of money.
  8. i would get a new SA!!!. plus i would complain to the manager about her.