Help finding a bag!

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  1. One of you has a very beautiful wristlet in your avatar photo, and I clicked off of the page and now I can't find it :shrugs:

    The wristlet itself is mostly purple and looks like the scarf print?? Can anyone help me out here? :s
  2. i JUST found it, it was Droo! thank you coachfreak!

    i absolutely love it!!

  3. those are so cute! they are soho something or anothers, but i think they are really hard to find! check ebay!
  4. Yea, it isn't a wristlet but I figured that was the one. I think it is the same size as a pouch, but you could ask Droo to be sure.
  5. oh, i guess it just looks smaller, it's sooo adorable, haven't seen anything like this and i was just at my outlet 3 days ago :sad:

    Droo I hope you can provide some more information.

    Thank you to everyone!!!!!!!!!
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  7. shoot! duplicate post!
  8. Thank you Droo, that is a gorgeous bag!!!! :smile:
  9. Oh you're welcome! It was the bag that made me fall for Coach. I just got it last summer. It is very very cute IRL but a bit on the small side... I really wish they could have made it a touch bigger.. But i love it, and she and I will never part :heart:
  10. Oh its little.. its about 7 x 5 x 3 or so... and the inside really only holds cards, keys and a cell phone.. and its a tight fit. :yes:

    Here's a pic... I stole it from ebay and to the seller, please forgive me! i'm trying to sell your bag!! lol!!

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  11. It's funny, I saw that exact style at the Coach store a few years back, but it was black leather with a little bow on the right hand side with a rhinestone on it (I could do without the rhinestone and the bow). I wish I could've bought it, but I was a college student and the price was out of my league. It was over $300 and limited edition. I never forget about that bag. It was so beautiful.

    I love the purple version though.
  12. I have always admired your bag, Droo. I would be interested in the one on ebay if it didn't cost more than the Ali I just bought! Whew... it's pretty though. I hope a tpfer gets it. Get it, simplycaren!!