help finding a bag?

  1. I'm looking for a bag for a friend, maybe you guys can help me?
    I'd like it to be a gold, cross body bag, big enough to hold a standard sheet of paper without folding it.

    Preferably with no leather trim, tassels, buckles etc. I'm not really factoring price in at the moment. Any suggestions?
  2. Wow- you are asking for a lot! If you find one, let me know. I might want one, too!
  3. Alas, mockinglee, Tano has no metallic messengers for Fall. (some awesome metallic hobos and totes, though.) I pointed this out to the designer today at their trade show in NYC. Bummer.
  4. Thanks for the input! Your help is greatly appreciated.
    That Tano bag is really pretty, I love it! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the perfect bag for my friend yet.
  5. Furla Virginie Metallic Hobo (Measurements: 12W x 9H x 5-1/2D; 10-19 adjustable drop from shoulder)


    Elliott Lucca Large Satchel -more bronzy than gold but still beautiful! (Measurements: 17"W x 11"H x 5"D)


    Cole Haan Village Medium Convertible Tote -comes with a longer strap (Measurements: Dimensions: 16"W x 11"H x 8 1/2"D. Hand-held strap. Strap drop: 6 3/4". Shoulder strap drop: 17")

  6. ^ LOVE that Furla! So hot!
  7. Thanks, LadyV!
    Margaritamix-i agree, that Furla bag is really gorgeous! perfect shade of gold.
  8. You're very welcome. :smile: That's why I love Furla, they make some gorgeous bags!
  9. I found the perfect bag that came to mind instantly. It's an Allison Burns bag. Allison Burns became big when her Faithfull design was worn by celebrities like Cameron Diaz. Here's a link to Allison Burns Heart: There is also a larger size called Zeppelin which looks exactly the same but bigger. I believe both bags fit all of your criteria- gold, fits a sheet of unfolded paper, cross body, and no extra tassles or frills. (pat on the back)

  10. Alison Burns bags are AMAZING. I have a gold one that has def. lived through the test of time and is still going strong.
  11. oh my god. this is perfect! thank you!