help find out the kind of leather

  1. Please help me to try to find out what kind of leather my kelly bag is.
    I have a 32 in what I think is vert anis and I thought it was chevre but I'm not sure any more because here is what DH remembers the SA told him while I was around the shop with the bag.

    It cames from a very very small animal and he has show him that you can see in the middle of the Kelly the sign of the dorsal vertebre. The animal is so small you can't actually make a belt from it and that's why you don't have a belt in this kind of leather (and colour).
    Any idea?
  2. Tha's Chevre from your description...:flowers:
  3. Man, I don't know, but I would kill for your gorgeous bag!!!!!!!! That's exactly what I'm looking for AND you bought it in Paris - how PERFECT!:love:
  4. Go back to any local Hermes store & ask the SA. Who knows along the way, you'll discover more new kellys.
  5. my guess also since it is definately not lizard.
  6. Thank you Duna, Rochagirls, Lilach!!!
    So I think is chevre. Are there different kinds of chevre?
    Kristie, thanks!! I must admit it has been a perfect day, in Paris, with DH, beautiful weather and..Hermes!
  7. Costa, I saw the pics of your bag and it looks to me like Chevre de Coromandel or more specifically, Coromandel Souple. This is my favorite of the goat leathers. They vary as to thickness and grain size and depth and are named from the region where the goats are raised.
    It is my favorite leather by far - you scored!
  8. costa, do you have the receipt from the Paris store? If so, it should say on there what leather it's in. The receipts in the US does not say, but I bought my Birkin in Paris, and it said on the receipt what leather it was.
  9. sounds divine! Chevre is one of my 3 favorite leathers!
  10. Whispa, you are a genius!!!!
    It does!!
    It says: sac a main Kelly 2 32 retourne coromandel souple doublure!!!:heart:
    Greentea you were right!
    Thanks sooooo much!:flowers: