Help Find My Friend A Prom Dress !

  1. hi, one of my best friends has asked me (a guy) to find her some pics of black prom dresses. So I thought it would be fun for you guys and girls to help me. If you know any nice dresses, will you post pics please or site links and I will send the pics my friend. Price can be anything up to $400 (I know this isnt much but thats all we've got). Also were from the UK so the dress needs to be by an international store/designer. thanks :flowers:
  2. OK socialite, right I have already posted some in the other thread, but now that I have seen your budget. The perfect place to go would be Coast :yes:

    coast | welcome

    You will get a beautiful prom dress there for under 200 pounds. Take her shopping to your local store, honestly its fantastic!
  3. thanks chloe :smile:
  4. This might not be her style, but I'm a big fan of Peach Berserk in Toronto, Canada. It's high school! Where else are you going to wear a spunky dress?

    I believe you can have the dresses custom-made in the print/color of your choice at no additional cost.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I love the 1st one, thanks :smile: