help find a cream mj bag with metal feet?

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  1. is there a cream bag that is shaped like the faridah but with metal feet on the bottom of bag?
  2. it's not shaped like the faridah, but the mercer e/w tote comes in putty with metal feet, that's the only one that comes to mind for me!
  3. I think the first one is from an older season with different pockets too. The softy Faridah is different again with side pockets.
    The Quinn has metal feet and although it might seem more square in shape it does have a similar slouchiness when it isnt too full. Might be worth trying out?
  4. flx, that first Faridah is from an older season, and the second one you posted is from a more recent season. Older MbMJ bags seemed to have feet (I had a first season Groovee once, and it had feet), but the newer ones are going without.