Help - Filing Item Not as Described Dispute on Paypal

  1. Hello everyone. I didn't know where to post this so I thought this might be the most appropriate place. I tried to do a search but didn't see what I was looking for (unless I'm looking in the wrong place in which case I apologize for double posting).

    I have a case I opened a dispute with paypal as "Item not as Described" issues. I paid with a CC through paypal. The seller is no longer a registered member on eBay.

    I bought an LV purse which although authentic reeked of cigarette smoke which the seller did not mention. I contacted her and let her know this and she said she'd send me a money order/check of $30 for my trouble because she closed out her paypal account. Well, it's been a good month and a half and of course no check. I sent about 4-5 emails after and she never responded again so I opened a paypal dispute about a week ago. She still hasn't responded. Now, I do want the purse since I already worked hard and spent money on deodorizing it, but I also want the partial refund she promised. Would paypal side with me if I escalate it and since she hasn't responded? To sum it up, I want to keep the purse but I also want the partial refund. Is it worth it to even try?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help me out and offer advice. ;)
  2. No, paypal will not automatically side with you even if they did not respond to the dispute, it is only if they do not respond to the claim that they will automatically side with you.

    When you escalate to claim, I think there is an option to enter of how much of a partial refund you will accept to close the case.
  3. Oh really? Thanks. I didn't know that.

    Is there a charge to escalate a claim? Sorry if I'm new to this and don't know what to do. I appreciate the help though. Thank You.
  4. No, there is not a charge to escalate to claim.
  5. i just escalated to a claim with a dispute and it does give you the option of asking for a partial or full refund
  6. Thanks so much for your response! I didn't know there was that option.
  7. ALWAYS escalate to a claim right away, it saves time and gets PayPal working on it faster.
  8. i'm sorry that this thing also happened t o, i'm also in the middle of this mess seller is NARU'D and file a charge escalate and paypal side on this , coz there was no record of seller ship the package and so far paypal refund me partial and said they will try to pursue and get the remaining.. so i'm still waiting for therest w/c they told me yesterday that i will temporaryly give back the remaining balance.... i hope that we are not talking w/ the same seller who was not registered:wtf::sad::confused1:.

    call payapl and escalate it.. good luck , i know paypal is sometimes pain in a$$$
  9. If you escalate it and if the seller never responds to the claim you will get an automatic refund in *I think* 10 days and they will also tell you that the bag is yours to do with as you choose. That doesn't seem right to me, but that is exactly what happened to me. If she responds they will have you mail it back to her but if she doesn't you'll get a refund and you can keep the bag. Seems kind of dishonest but that's what happens and that's what Paypal will tell you (unless they've changed their policy). :shrugs:
  10. AGAIN, file a dispute with your credit card company ASAP, you have more leverage with paypal once your card company gets involved, because they have the power to issue a refund and force paypal to cooperate. Once a seller is suspended from eBay, paypal is not so quick to side with you.
  11. Thanks everyone. You guys are awesome.

    I just want a partial refund though and this is what I filed for. Do you think they'd make me return it for a full refund if I only filed for partial?

    Also, what if the seller already closed out her paypal account? This is what she emailed me about a month ago when she said she would send me a money order instead. If she has no paypal account does that mean I can't get my money back?

    I hate eBay sometimes. :sad: On another frustrating note - Someone stole some of my pictures of a purse to use in their auction. MY pictures and my description were stolen. *shakes head* Some people are just so sneaky.
  12. I heard if you file with your cc before the dispute is decided on by paypal, then paypal with close your dispute or not file on your favor or something like that. Is that true?
  13. did you report the seller who stole your pics and text? they will take down the listing pretty quick usually
  14. I am not sure that reeking of cigarette smoke woul be deemed as not as described by paypal , it is horrible but you might lose , its normally only if something is broken or fake that they side with the buyer . It is so hard to get rid of that smell i feel for you .
  15. Yes, if you go to your credit card company, paypal will close your claim or dispute, as you cannot do both at the same time. Go through paypal first, if it doesn't work out, then you can go to the cc company.