Help! Filed a claim on paypal...been almost 2 months and i havent got my money back

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  1. hello all, i need help on what to do...i purchased a fake LV almost 2 mos ago for $686, i found out it was deemed fake by the experts when an ebayer emailed me..had it reauthenticated but still got the same result. tried working it out with the scammer (mizzmariah) but she was more concerned about the ebayers messaging her customers and eventually changed her ID to dontbah8r..i filed a dispute then escalated it to a claim when she didnt agree to return the original shipping fee adn started asking for paper/written proofs that her item is fake...but at that time, i already sent her back the bag with just a delivery confirmation...i waited almost 3 weeks for paypal then found out last week that they closed my case. when i called, they said they got the tracking number and typed it wrong...i filed an appeal...gave them a call 3 days ago but accdg to paypal, the seller isnt responding to them and if thats the case i might not get my money back... i called my CC company but they said i should work it out with paypal first...its been almost two months, im getting depressed with all these...:crybaby::shucks::shrugs:
  2. If you sent it back and have proof, Paypal HAS to refund you. Call and get a supervisor on the phone. If that doesn't work, tell your CC that Paypal has proof that you returned it and refuses to refund you, and file a chargeback. Don't waste any more time - you are running out of time fast.
  3. I remember reading this despicable seller ripped off another person with fake LV.

    Demand to speak to a PP supervisor and give them the tracking info and tell them it was returned successfully. I would also phone CC again and also demand to file a chargeback on the transaction.
  4. If Paypal would not help, do charge bag with your credit card company.
    BTW when you ship back item worth $250 or more, you need to have signature confirmation. Paypal would not honor delivery confirmation if no signature confirmation, but your CC would.
  5. You might need proof of signature for paypal to side with you. Not 100% sure, but delivery confirmation might not be enough.

    Call your credit card company, say it's been two months, you have done everything in your power to resolve this and it's not happened. Make it sound definite that they will not do this on your behalf.
  6. I don't think delivery confirmation will be enough...but I'd still call paypal in case...perhaps if you call and complain it may work. But if you get a no then go to your cc immediately. The longer you wait the less likely you are to get your refund. When you call your cc explain that you have proof of delivery and paypal is refusing to refund.
  7. If you make returns, PP does require signature confirmation. The way I see it, you only have the delivery confirmation as proof but anyone could have taken it other than the seller so maybe that's why PP closed it. Like everyone else has already mentioned, talk to a PP supervisor, then your CC company.
  8. thank you ladies for all the help and advice...i just got an email earlier from paypal telling me they're finally gonna refund my money in 4-5 days... i think they were touched by my email few days ago...i told them that they better tell me if i'll get my money back or not so that i would know if i would still continue using paypal or let the whole world know that we cannot depend on them...lolz im just so thankful now that the Lord heared my prayers and so glad i have friends here on TPF...will update you all if i get my money back....again, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS Y'ALL!!! :flowers::love::hugs:
  9. So glad for the happy ending! Hope they follow through as stated!
  10. Very glad it worked out! Let us know when you have your money back!