help figuring out the 'pouchette'

  1. I want a small bag (from eBay/Let-Trade, etc.) that fits under my arm. When looking, sometimes I think they look like what I'm looking for, then I'll see a picture on a person and they'll either hang down to the hip, or be a clutch. I can't figure it out.
    Here's what I like that I've researched...please help me get it sorted? (:jammin: :whistle:Let's get it sorted in here, Let's get it sorted in here :whistle: :jammin: )
    1. Mallory
    2. Malibu
    3. Lexington*

    Mono Canvas
    1. Tikal
    2. Pouchette acc.* (Fairly easy to find a good deal for a used one?)

    *These two are my ideal of what I want, but I can't tell how long the strap's are. Are all of these bags 'carry on shoulder and fit under the arm' styles?
    HEY...LOL to you all and THANKS in advance!!!:drinks:
  2. I have had both the Pouchete Acc and Tikal. If you are looking for something easy that fits under you arm.. those are a good choice
  3. I think it depends how tall and what size you are....I have a mono pochette acces. and I thought the strap that came with it was kinda short. I tried to fit it under my shoulder and it was pretty tight so I also got the extender keychain and that gives about an extra 3-3.5 inches. I am 5'8" and about 130 lbs, size 2/4 in case you need a reference. Your best bet is to try them on at the store first. :smile:
  4. i have a pochette and i can carry it by hand, under my arm, in the crook of my arm where it bends at the elbow, or on my shoulder. it all depends on the mood or what i wear.
  5. I have a pochette and it does not fit under my arm without an extender (well, it DOES, but it's stuck to my underarm)...I guess it does depend on your size, and frame, like qtpie said. I'm 5'7" and 124 lbs but I have thicker "server" arms from lifting plates at it doesn't fit.
  6. know what's a good bag...I love my Recital. Out of my CB pochette, Recital, and Damier Recoleta (all small shoulder bags), it's probably my favourite. The snap closure is super cute and unique too. You should really consider it!
  7. Here's a picture I took awhile's the Graffiti pochette with the extender, but most all pochettes are similarly sized (including the Lexington) so you can use this for comparison.
    I'd go with either the pochette or the Tikal. :yes:
  8. Lexington! I love lexington, but it's not as roomy as mono pochette. As far as the strap goes, you can get an extender or purchase a longer strap from LV if you want. Mono pochette and Lexington's strap are removeable, so you can remove the strap to use as evening clutch :smile:
  9. You are all so helpful. This is exactly the kind of information I needed.
    amamxr & Betseylover: THanks for the input!
    qtpie4u34 & Karman: Very helpful! I really was misled by the pictures as I never would have thought I'd need an extender. I thought by the pics the straps were longer, so I'm so glad you told me that. "Server arms' Ha!!...cracked me up. "Recital"...can I have a pic?
    LvBabydoll: Thank you! The pic is so helpful. I will definitely need an extender then. VERY helpful...thanks so much!
    Classic Chic: I would definitely use the 'removable' feature for a clutch. Might be a good idea to go w/the vernis line then, as it's a bit dressier I think and would look well as a clutch on a night out. THANKS!!! I don't need it large, just for times when one needs a small bag...i.d., cc, lip gloss, cell...that's it.
    THANKS EVERYBODY...exactly what I couldn't figure out on my are ALL so great:love:
  10. You're welcome!! :flowers:
  11. Yup, here's a pic of my Recital in Visual Aids:


    And my post in that thread wearing the bag:
  12. Thanks Karman, I think I remember seeing on eLux...very, very cute. Looks like the bright lining shows a bit? I like that punch of color! Thanks for are too cute in those pics, btw!
  13. The strap on my lexington is slightly shorter than the strap on my other pochettes. An extender (LV or other) is definetly worth it IMO. Let us know what you decide to get!
  14. It won't be any time soon, but it'll be fun to watch for them and see what they sell for in the mean time. I'm afraid to ask what the extender cost???:nuts:
  15. The extender keychain costs $110 plus tax at the boutique.