Help - Fever Blisters...

  1. I have started getting fever blisters over the past year or so. I am having the worst breakout of them EVER right now. I am sooo stressed this week... 2 of my babies had surgery this morning (they both did fine and are home tonight) and we have been trying to sell our house for 16 months and finally got a great offer Tuesday, but they want to close in 2 weeks. ACK - I have to find a rental, pack up, and move in 2 weeks!!!

    Anyway - more of the little tingly blisters keep popping up. They are on my bottom lip and are spreading down onto my chin and over to the rest of my bottom lip. :crybaby:
    I have some Abreva, but I read it only works if you use it as soon as you feel the tingle. When I am stressed I am a picker so that is just contributing to the problem. Can someone please let me know if they have any suggestions for healing these ugly blisters? I am miserable... :sad:
  2. You need 2 prescriptions, one for Zovirax and one for Valtrex. The Valtrex works almost overnight when you catch them at first sign of tingle.
  3. As usual, Swanky is correct. You have oral herpes, and need an anti viral such as Swank mentions. You have to get the meds on board the minute you feel the tingle. I am prone to these, so I always have a couple of days at home and I carry one full day's worth of meds in case they start when I am not at home. It's no fun.
  4. Thank you so much!
    I started getting them right after my father passed away last year. I read the virus can lay dormant for a while and can be activated by stress among other things. Is this your understanding too?
    It may be too late for those drugs at this point since I'm past the tingle stage... but I will call my derma Monday anyway. Maybe I can prevent it from spreading further. I have an appt Weds.
  5. My friend had the same problem. The usual creams didn't work for her anymore. Her doctor gave her a prescription for an oral med, since he said the virus developed a resistance to the active ingredient of the creams. Unfortunately I dont remember the active ingredient of those pills :sad: Well, your derm will know for sure!
  6. l started getting them a few years ago, l was getting around 8-9 breakouts a year but only on my chin and the sides of my nose. I never ever got them on my lip area. I went to see a dermo and he prescribed aciclovir 200mg tabtets which I take five times a day for five days. I take these at the first signs of a break out and also use the cream too. The tablets stop the cycle and the cream stops the cold sore spreading, I am glad to say that I now only get 2 attacks a year. I hope this info helps you and anyone who suffers.:yes:
  7. That helps a lot! They seem to be a little bit better today, at least no more seem to be cropping up. It sucks because makeup just makes them look worse, IMO. The concealer just cakes on them and I don't think putting makeup on them would be a good idea anyway. UGH... I so hope it looks better by work on Monday. Right now the area covers about the size of a nickel... YUCK! :yucky:
  8. Stress causes them for sure, but the sun can do it as well.
    They stink, but get those couple of meds I recommended and keep them stocked.
  9. For me, Abreve (available without a prescription) works better than the Acyclovir ointment.

    Get your doctor to give you the pills, and remind him to give you another course of them in 3-4 months, that will usually keep them from happening in the first place!
  10. ooh I just remembered that you should make sure that you get enough vitamin C! it helps to prevent cold sores.
  11. I have some Abreva from last time I had them, but it didn't help much.
    I also have some sample stuff from the Derma called "Lipoid cream". He gave it to me once when a salicylic acid peel burned me a little. I put it on the sores last night and they had healed quite a bit by this morning.
  12. I can't get Abreva to work either:sad: