Help! Ferragamo newbie love at 1st sight!


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Feb 25, 2007
Hi All, I fell in love with a few Ferragamo pieces I saw at the (ATL Airport) Last year (December-ish). There were a few beautiful neutral (I want to say greyish beige-ish perhaps even slightly pink-ish) pieces (bags as well as accessories). Can't get them out of my mind and have no idea what the colours or the names of the pieces may have been. Do any one of you wonderful ladies have any idea? Is there a link on TPF for the entire collection? It may have been F/W or S/S I am not sure... Many thanks in advance!


May 14, 2009
Not a lady, but it could have been either Quarzo Fume or New Bisque. Quarzo Fume was a SS14 color, while New Bisque is a year-round color.

The one other color it might have been is Nocturne Rose, which was a FW13 color.

Hope this helps.