Help: Fendi Spy end cap missing???? what to do? so sad :(......

  1. Just wondering if anyone had the Fendi Spy End caps damanged before. Has yours come off before? What to do??? thanks.
    Do you know if the if the Fendi store or Saks (where I got it) will fix them?? thx
  2. I have had mine come off once. The screw that holds it came off! But I found it and managed to put it back on and it hasn't done it again since!!
    I am sure if you take it Saks they will send it off to get fixed. Good luck!!
  3. are you talking about pinchrosemary's black spy on eBay right now? that can be fixed at any handbag store or fendi store.
  4. what do you mean the screws? i'm talking about the mirror part of the end cap? there's no screws arount it? could you please clarify for me? thx

  5. I am not at home now to check my Spy but where the hinge is on the end of the mirror/cap there should be a screw or metal piece that attaches it to the tube compartment....
  6. Pwecious, are you refering to the actual beveled "glass" piece that is built into the end cap? :confused1:

    If so, I would think that could be an easy fix. :smile:
  7. yes, that's what i'm referring too..the actual bevelved 'glass' piece that's built into the end cap....
    it doesn't have screws or hinge around it rite?

  8. Oh I see! Sorry I got confused :smile: Hmm I haven't heard of this happening before but I agree with thestarsgarb, it shouldn't be too hard to fix...
  9. You still have the piece, correct?

    How does it look like it was originally secured, (glue)? I personally would take it to a small goods repair shop of some sort (you should be able to find something in your area) and see what they recommend. They could probably determine what was used to hold it in place and fix it in the same manner.

    Good luck!!! :smile:
  10. yes, i still have the piece..i looked at the bottom and yes, it was glued...NOT screwed. honestly, i looked kinda cheap...

    DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THE AUTHENTIC ONES ARE GLUED OR SCREWED? NOW I'M WONDERING IF I GOT A FAKE :sad: and yes, i'm talking about the clear mirror like piece.

  11. The peice is glued and they do fall off. Perhaps something banged against it or it was dropped. I would not glue it on myself if I were you. Take it and have it fixed professionally. If the glue yellows, it will look awful through the clear cap. And by the way even mirrors when installed properly to wall are placed in channels and glued. Is the Fendi on the metal peice. What does it feel like?
  12. Definitely send it to a Fendi boutique to get fixed. I'd advise against sending it via a third party (eg: Saks) because that would take additional time. My spy is currently with my local boutique and even then they're waiting for Italy to send the part over and it's going to take MONTHS. Hopefully it'll be much faster for you :p
  13. really?'s a long it possible for me to sent the bags to them directly without even thought i bought it thru saks?? please advice what is the fastest and most economical way? thx
    or any other suggestions will be fine..thx
  14. I would bring it to the boutique.
  15. I'm confused. In your other thread you said Saks and Fendi would not repair it for you. Will they? If so, I'd take it to them first and see what they recommend.