Help Fendi Newbie

  1. I want to get a Fendi B Bag. :love:

    I just don't know which one.

    Should I get the all leather?

    Should I get the canvass with the patent?

    I keep going back and forth between leather and canvass. I'm trying to figure out which one is the bettwe investment (aside from being really really good looking when I'm carrying it!)

    All I know is that I love the B Bags that have a contrasting trim and seem to be attracted to the patent trims especially. :heart:

  2. hi there! i'm from manila, too and nice to meet someone from here!!

    i say it depends on whether you intend to use it for everyday, office or nights out and also what other bags you have in your closet.

    if you don't have a fendi yet, the zucca canvas i guess is ok. i'm not really a fan of the zucca B bag. it looks ok on the spy, du jour and the magic bags but somehow it doesnt seem right on the B bag to me. i prefer the leather but it really depends on you.

    i've tried the big B bag but the chain and the hardware makes the bag heavy so you might want to consider that. the small B bag is okay if you're on the petite side.

    there's a brown leather with black patent trim and zucca B bags at fendi makati. not sure if they have it at EDSA shangrila. the new blueberry color, i think, is awesome so you might also like to consider that. the SA said they're expecting new arrivals by end of feb-march but not sure if they're getting the blueberry coz i guess they prefer to get the classic colors. why not ask them to put you on wait list?

    my personal choice? go for leather!!
  3. Do you know what the price is for the blueberry? Where did you see it?

    Last time I went in Makati, they had zip.

    I was thinking of the small B Bag cause I'm pretty small. The thing is whether it will fit all my stuff. Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions.

    Check out this bag on net a porter... this is what tuned me into the canvass...
    Fendi Canvas B bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  4. I have the Fendi B canvas and bright blue! I love the canvas because it isn't as heavy as the leather and is a fun bag plus the patent makes it a sexy bag!! So you should go for it!
  5. Get both? That's what I did. Just got the small east-west bag in canvas with black patent and the cute flats to go with it (they have them at Neiman's). Can't wear the flats right now because it's totally gross outside with the snow, but I'm going to be rocking them hardcore this spring and summer. Tha canvas is nice because I think it would go with tons of stuff for spring and summer. There is also a version with canvas and either gold or silver metallic buckles (I like the silver better) that is pretty cute.

    I don't have any of the medium sized bags, just two east-west, and I find the east-west to be a big enough size for me. It holds my big fat wallet (fat with receipts, not cash), sunglasses in case, cell phone, ipod, keys, and maybe a pair of gloves. I bought some of the medium sized B bags and sold them on eBay, and I was actually surprised when I looked at the two side by side, that I don't think the medium bag is actually that much bigger in terms of interior space. Go to the store and check them out and see what you think, though!

  6. The Bbag looks great! Great color!! They had this exact style in their catalogue but no arrivals last December. The leather was already reserved then but the SA let me check it out.

    I don't remember exactly how much the blueberry cost at neimanmarcus. com. No idea, either, if they're getting the blueberry here coz I guess nobody knows what stocks they're getting. Try calling Rustan's Makati 8935665 or EDSA Shangrila 6334636 and ask for Annie at Fendi. She might be able to help you.

    I believe the big B bag would be lighter in canvas so it could fit a lot more stuff. I've seen pics of petite ladies carrying the big one and they look good. The small B bag would be a little roomier than the LV musette tango so you could fit in just your basic stuff - wallet, a checkbook probably, cellphone, keys, small make-up pouch.

    Good luck and do post pics once you've made a decision!! :yes::rolleyes:;)