HELP, FENDI Experts!!!

  1. Hello, I have a question for those who know enough about FENDI. My husband is getting me a gift, FENDI
    purse :wlae:and I really like this purse (the style and design) on the picture I 've attached.

    I know it is fake...but I want the authentic one :crybaby:.
    Can anyone tell me if FENDI made this kind of purse and where can I buy the exact but REAL (authentic) purse???
    Does Fendi have it in white????
    THANK you so much for your help!!!!!
  2. I'm glad you know ioffer is fake! However, the seller says "new style" and I'm pretty sure that's not "new" in any way. I have never seen that before so it might have been an older style but I doubt it. I'm not an expert though so I'd wait for someone else's opinion. Have you seen any other styles on other sites that you like?
  3. I have never seen Fendi make a bag like this. I've also never seen zucca fabric on a selleria bag.