Help fellow TPFers. Post your Chloe returns before you return them!

  1. Another TPFer just gave me a great idea. With all the sale frenzy going on there are bound to be returns. We should help each other out and let each other know what item we plan to return, what store we will return it to and when. That way if another member has been looking for that item, maybe they can benefit from the return. What do you guys think? Of course this is not to encourage someone else to return a bag you want (not that anyone here would do that), it would be for when you have made a final decision you are sure of.

    I hope this is allowed. If not, I totally apologize.
  2. Great Idea!!!
  3. I sure will do that!
  4. I just returned my Argent Chain Betty at the South Coast Plaza 714 549-8300
    attachment-1.jpeg attachment-2.jpeg attachment.jpeg
  5. Wow - great Betty! Hope a TPF'er gets her!
  6. After much debate...and sadness...this black paddy hobo will be going back to Nordstrom tomorrow afternoon. I will probably return it to the Nordstrom at the Irvine Spectrum (949) 255-2800 if I can get away from work at lunchtime. I will post right before I leave to let you all know if I went there or to South Coast Plaza (number above).

  7. I picked up that same hobo. It's really nice & soft!
  8. j star, how much is the argent chain betty??
  9. this is a great idea!
  10. I hate to be a party pooper, but this is a VERY fine line. I must remind EVERYONE there is no selling or trading on the PF. Please keep that in mind when contributing to this thread. And I ask that anyone who is contacted by another member to buy a bag directly from that member, please report it asap!
  11. Will do, Jag!
  12. I know it's a fine line. I'm glad you reminded us all about the rules. I didn't want to be bossy and mention that in my post. Especially since I'm so new to this forum! Sorry if I caused any issue. I didn't mean to.
  13. Shoptfs I purchased the bag at $849.90. That's with the 60% off too.
  14. i returned the large red regular patent Betty satchel in Bellevue WA Nordstrom because i decide for the argent color is 60% off around 640 now .
  15. good idea...bump!