Help! Feet Keep Slipping Out

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  1. Does anyone have any tips on keeping your feet from slipping out of their pumps, especially when wearing tights?

    I don't really like insoles because they make the shoe too tight and I've yet to find a heel grip that really "grips". Is there some kind of spray out there??
  2. I wouldn't go with spray. Does it slip because it's just a bit loose or because ur tights are slippery?

    I'd suggest you take them to a cobbler and have him add a piece of leather/suede to the heels. This will make them fit JUST RIGHT and not make them too small. HTH
  3. Dr Scholls makes heel pads that are not gel (never use gel...they leave glue and roll up)....and sometimes at Walgreens they have their brand and it is not as thick. I use those too.
    And if you want to do thinner then that. Dr Scholls makes a mole skin you cut to size. They have 2 different thicknesses. Use those they work great.

    You can also use the mole skin to stop shoe farting. I love that stuff.
  4. I don't have as much problem when I go hose or tightless so it must be they're just slippery.

    I never thought about the leather/suede thing to the heels! Are they different than those heel grips you can buy?
  5. I agree-- the gel things never work for me. I really need something that will hold my feet in!