Help........ feeling helpless....

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am a first time mom to a beautiful baby boy of 5 months old. He's the love of our life. He's the best baby we could have ever asked for.
    However, he's been afflicted with all the childhood illnesses within his short life imaginable. He has severe eczema. The poor thing was itching and scratching (until he bled) for a couple of months before he was correctly diagnosed. Then came the staph infection and 2 courses of antibiotics that triggered a diaper rash and yeast infection. Then ER visit for a severe reaction to cows milk protein (most terrifying experience of our life).
    Currently we're battling the worst case of diaper rash yet due to diarrhea (unknown cause).
    Our pediatrician reassures us that we're doing everything right and that things will just need to take their course.
    But as a mom, I feel so helpless and frustrated that I'm not able to make it better for my baby. I feel we're on this never ending roller coaster. As soon as we get one problem taken care of, we're face with another problem.
    So my questions for parents out there are:
    What are you doing to stay calm and strong for you baby when your baby is hurting?
    And will this roller coaster ever end???
  2. :hugs:You poor thing - it must be heartbreaking to see your little one suffering like this but it sounds like you are doing everything you can and I'm sure like the doctor said things will eventually settle down - hopefully sooner rather than later.

    I'm sure your little boy feels loved and looked after and that's really all you can do at the moment. Is he on solids yet or only on formula? And have you tried organic skin creams, or even trying not to bathe him too often in case its chemicals in the water that are irritating him.

    I know it's hard, especially since he's your first but just hang in there, try not to worry too much and comfort him as much as you can when he's suffering. Wishing you smooth times ahead :smile:
  3. I'm sorry I went through similar things with numbe 2 and she is perfect and healthy now. What helped me to know is that she did not and will not remember any of it. Babies don't really have any frame of reference so they don't suffer as much as we think that they do and they will never remember any of it. We are the ones that agonize over this stuff. You are doing a great job addressing all of your babies needs and everything will take its course and be fine. Big hugs !
  4. oh and I used Aveeno oatmeal baths they calmed and soothe the baby. Try to do it in a bathroom with dimmed lights and it will be a nice experience !
  5. Believe it or not. Just plain corn starch works on diaper rash. Make sure that the baby doesn't breath in the powder though. Just pat some of that on and it will help. I tried every product out there with my older daughter and prescription med and it did not work. A lady suggest corn starch and it cleared up her diaper rash. Huh!
  6. im so sorry that you feel helpless. just remember that you are doing all that you can for your lil one! problems will occur, and you just have to deal with them as they come along. you are doing a great job! :hugs:
  7. I'm so sorry you are going through all of this...I am sure that your LO will be fine, though :yes:

    Back in December, our DS had diarrhea for 10 days straight - the pedi wouldn't give any meds and said to let it run it's course. To make matters worse, we were in another state, nowhere near our home...anyway, even though we changed DS constantly and almost every hour over night, he came down with "corrosive" diaper rash (it even moved up towards his penis) where it was oozing a clear liquid all over his bottom, plus it was raw and fire engine was finally diagnosed by our old pediatrician and he gave us a RX. We were absolutely horrified that it had come to this. I was so upset - he was so little and he was in pain from the diaper rash. After about 2 weeks it was all gone, thank God. The pedi recommended using Desitin at the start of diarrhea because it has the 40% zinc oxide...hope this helps...just know that it WILL get better!

    I'll be thinking of you :hugs:
  8. Hugs to you!!! I'm sorry you are going through this!!! What used to work with my first daughter was I would wipe her clean with a washcloth, and then just let her bottom air dry with a towel underneath just in case of an accident, then I would cover her bottom in creamy desitin. I would do this at every diaper change and it worked!!! Aveeno oatmeal bath is usually very good and calming for your baby's skin too. I also bought Aquaphor healing ointment which may help you as well!!! Good luck and hang in there, you are doing everything you can. I'm sure your baby feels loved and won't remember any of this discomfort!
  9. Did your ped tell you that the diarrhea and execma could be part of his milk allergy/sensitivity. Is he on a soy formula? 20% of babies that can't tolerate milk also cannot tolerate soy. We went through this with my daughter but were able to nip it in the bud because my mother-in law-was with us and had experienced the same thing with my husband as a baby.
  10. Thank you everyone for your kind words. We've got his skin under control for the most part. We tried Desitin and baking soda soaks for his diaper rash but those irritated his skin. I feel like we'd be able to get a handle on the diaper rash if his diarrhea would just stop but apparently it can go on for 2 WEEKS and there's nothing the doctor can do.
    silverfern : My baby is just on formula and no solids yet.
    Mrs. MC: That's a good point about him not being able to remember any of this. I'd rather have him go through these experiences now than later if he must then.
    kcf68: We may have to try the cornstarch. It doesn't sound like it would irritate his skin.
    ilovepinkhearts: I love your avatar and I hope your little one won't have to go through any of this.
    Lilwalnut: I'm sorry about what happened to your little one. Did they find out what caused the diarrhea?
    everything posh: DS has been going without a diaper for 3 days now and the diaper rash still isn't improving cause he's still going frequently.
  11. poor little guy. do you think that it might be a yest infection again? my oldest had one and it took awhile for it to go away. i would smear on the lotrimin and then smear on the diaper rash ointment over top of that. it finally helped and went away.
  12. Shyloo: He's on Nutramigen. We only tried to give him cows milk formula once and got the severe reaction. They don't know what's causing the diarrhea. We were basically told it could be anything and that it just takes time for whatever it is to get through his system.
    ilovepinkhearts: It doesn't look like a yeast infection. No red bumps or anything. Just broken down skin.
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    have you tried aquaphor? that seemed to help clear up my younger sons diaper rash in a flash.
  14. I didn't know you can use Aquaphor on a diaper rash. I'm willing to try anything.
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    oh yes it worked great, we bought a huge tub of it after dh and i got tattoos. and then we were reading the label. it says it works great as a diaper rash ointment.

    ** under uses:
    -helps treat and prevent diaper rash
    -protects chafed skin associated with diaper rash and helps protect from wetness.