Tech Help fast!!!!!

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    My computer has a virus!!!

    I am currently using my DH's computer.

    The ONLY 2 websites I have been to today are TPF and photobucket.

    I bought Mcafee virus scan and now that I have a virus I have tried contacting them and they are NO HELP!!! TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY

    I keep getting popup windows that say I am infected whenever I try to access my mcafee it will not let me access it. Whenever I try to go to the internet. It takes me to a porn site. HELP!!!!!
  2. Okay something REALLLLY strange is happening!!!!

    My DH's computer (that I am currently using) looks like someone is drawing with a blue line all over my screen
  3. It's probably that damn malware, which has been said to be coming from photobucket most recently.
    And McAfee is likely going to fight you tooth and nail trying to load another program to get rid of it.

    Try THESE solutions: POST 425 POST 9 by Miss Evy if McAfee fights you on installing/running malwarebytes.
  4. tried both things and NOTHING worked!!!

    Ended up just resetting my computer back to the factory settings. Got most of my documents off. I backed up my photos a few months ago onto an external HD so I am not sure how many photos I might have lost. I hope that the ones that are not on the external are still on the card in the camera.

    At least all my music is on 2 different external HD's. I have over 75,000 songs. That would be impossible to get back.
  5. Download malwarebytes for future use and update it weekly. I scan my laptops weekly just for grins.
    I personally also suggest a "less possessive" AV that won't fight w/ programs like malware.
    McAfee and Norton are notorious for being "overly possessive".

    Sorry... the malware going around now is a *****, and sadly, seems to be getting more aggressive. It's NASTY stuff.
  6. Ok ok. Nobody panic.

    If that didn't work, then you may have a nastier problem in your hands :Push:

    Go ahead and download Hijackthis. After you run it, it will give you a log, which can choose to have analyze at a hijackthis message board thread or copy and paste it on here:

    You need instructions from either source in order to guide you on what to remove. DO NOT attempt to do it on your own as you do not know exactly what is harming your PC.