Help ~~~ {fashion Emergency} !

  1. Big Hi to the most Fashionable girllllllllllllllllllllllls !
    What's UP !!
    Girls . . . I really neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed lots of help from you !!

    fist tell me what do think of this dress and tell me with what can i wear it {i mean accessories, makeup, shoes & everything}


    also can u plz plz plz post some pic for another gowns !! cuz i'm sooooooooo confused [​IMG] . . . I wanna something soooooooooo nice, simple & 100% elegant ! [​IMG]

    GIRLS from the U.A.E aba any salo0o0on who gonna make me sooooooooooooo SUPER KOOL CHIC ! { ya3ny something soooooooooooooo simple for ma hair and a very very simple make UP !! }

    PLZZZZZ HELP ME ! & post lots of pictures :yes:
  2. Hello,
    Not from UAE, but I would suggest with something like this, it depends totally on your own colouring, but I would wear it with gold accessories & simple ones at that. The dress is fabulous & you don't want to out do it wit hall sorts of fancy clutter. A simple clean lined clutch, strappy heels & a clean make up would be fabulous with this. Maybe though in a pair of diamond drop earrings though, if wearing your hair up.

    Havea great time!
  3. THANKS sis u really helped me aloooooooooooot :smile:
  4. why no one want to help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :crybaby:
  5. this is a beautiful green. i think, it's definitely eye catching. since the fabric has a sheen, i agree with parkavenue, keep it simple with the makeup and jewelry. i prefer, the hair worn down with this dress... the way haylie has her hair up... it makes her look old.
  6. thanks sweeeeeeeety u really helped me =D
  7. The dress is beautiful and I love the color and the details from the waist up. I would do a silver strappy high heel (only cuz it seems to leave more jewelry options). I'd do a chandelier-esque earring...and then no necklace. Or, if you did a diamond stud, you could do a diamond drop necklace like this ...or a variation of this. Then, I would call it good. I think hair could go either way...but i have to say i'm more of a hair-down girl anymore. Good luck...have fun...hope this helps.