Help! Fall/Winter bag needed

  1. Hi girls, I'm a total newbie to the the board, so bear with me. I am looking for a bag to carry this fall or winter. It needs to be large, this-season, and preferable black. It needs to be able to hold a day-planner approx 6x8, cell, make-up and lots of other stuff. It also needs to be able to fit on the shoulder over a winter coat(I live in Minnesota, so it's a must!) I'm open to all designers, but the price should be under $2,000.(USD) The larger the better! I carry a lotta stuff! Thanks for all the help!
  2. Sorry about the huge picture :wlae:
  3. This Kooba bag is cute to...

  4. Chanel grand shopper?

  5. The Chanel black patent purse ... don't know what it's called, but it's in the ad campaign and was on the runway. It's a little over $1000. Very popular ... might be sold out....
  6. [​IMG] Chanel
  7. ^ thats the coco cabas its $995 but its vinyl

    since ur budget is 2000

    there is a leather version

    for 1800-1900 comes in white, black and brown[?]
  8. How about the YSL muse? You can fit everything (including your day planner) in the medium, large, and extra large. And it comes in black! I often throw in a wallet, cosmetic bag, keys, cellphone (the bag contains a cell phone pouch), a book, sunglasses case, and a sweater/wrap in my large muse and it never looks overstuffed.

    [​IMG] extra large $1295 at Neiman's

    Marc Jacobs Hudson bag is cute too and just came out this season. It's $1275 (inthe same price range as the muse) and comes in a dark brown and chestnut. I love the chestnut color since it's great for fall and you can dress up and dress down with this bag. You can use the 25% coupon t Ron Herman if they take it so it's even cheaper.

  9. Marc Jacobs stam hobo? Can get it off of the Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman site.
  10. cole Haan Sierra N/s Sierra Laser Cut $375
  11. Great suggestion!:heart: